Portfolio of Work

Please see the links below to review a sample of the content I’ve worked on over the past several years.

City of San José Housing Department
Dwellings: Podcast focused on work done by the department and partner nonprofits on ending homelessness, building affordable housing, and policy work. I’m a one-woman show on this – I book the guests, record and host, edit, produce, and do all the back-end work.
Housing Department Twitter: I manage the social media for our department and have grown our Twitter feed from an occasional post to a channel that posts multiple times a week to share engaging content about housing issues, as well as important information regarding local and state laws (i.e. eviction moratorium, rent relief).
Video production:
Sandy’s Journey to Emergency Interim Housing
Moving the Historic Pallesen Apartments

Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP)
LEAP with Tina Seelig: My first opportunity at STVP to be lead producer on a mini series. This podcast focused on the soft-skills often overlooked in entrepreneurship education.
FRICTION with Bob Sutton: Such a fun series to work on. Season 2 was my first big production series; I managed booking and pre-interviews for guests and hosts, managed our freelancers, and managed back-end production on our WordPress site.
ETL (Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series): Weekly video and podcast series produced every quarter. Required coordinating with Stanford’s online learning department to ensure smooth delivery of product every week. My responsibility on this project grew from managing the content back-end to full producer, managing booking our guests, working with faculty, etc.
Organizing for Good: Content series focused on taking case studies of purpose-driven leadership and transforming the studies into short video content and challenging educators to utilize case studies in the classroom.

Course Website Production (MIT OpenCourseware)
The Once & Future City: My favorite part of producing these course websites for MIT was interviewing faculty to understand their teaching pedagogy. This particular class engaged students by taking them on walking tours and challenging them to observe a particular site within their city over time as it changed through the course of the semester. This project dove into the past, present, and potential future of the city surrounding MIT.
Urban Transportation Planning: Not only is this subject of interest to me, but this course was taught by my grandfather for years at MIT, and this course page is the last year he was teaching the class. Not only was I able to update the course page, but I was able to capture important details from a lifetime of teaching graduate students.

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